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Sega Genesis 16 Bit Console

Download Preview. Add to Favorites. Add to Collection. Classic 16-bit Sega Genesis action music without the admixture of modern synths and drums. Feel free to use in games and retro video blogs. Dedicated to 8-bit and 16-bit era lovers. If you don't have original SEGA hardware to play this on, it can also be played on the many new SEGA 16-bit devices such as those made by 'at-games', many of these devices can be purchased from FunStock here. The other option is emulation, you can download the excellent KEGA Fusion from here.

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  • Type: Action
  • Available: April 1991
  • Levels: 99
  • Difficulty:Easy

Sega 16 Bit Games Download

Oh, no! Flicky has lost her babies and needs your help! Take flight into Sega's newest addition to it's family of Maze-Chases. Flicky's chicks are strewn throughout 99 increasingly difficult levels. Flicky, however, is not the only one who wants her chicks. Cats and lizards are trying to get their paws and claws on the chicks as well! Flicky is not totally defenseless since she can throw objects at the enemies too.

YAZZIE (SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis) A downloadable game. Download Now Name your own price. You play as the careless gold seeker who has wandered into a strange mansion full of traps. You need to help the gold digger collect all the gold, avoid the enemies and try not to fall into a deadly trap. Less games results in smoother performace and better game browsing. Blast16 is not meant to hold all Mega Drive/32X/Sega CD/Master System/Game Gear games, but to help people create a Mega Drive mini out of a Raspberry Pi, and like any mini console, it’s designed to have just the right amount of games. September 2015 - 48 finished & released games on the list. Every game has site/download links/release dates. Some of download links might be dead and some of them might be very dead, like dust. I decided to make a full list of existing homebrew games for Sega Genesis and even found a time to do this. Somehow such list doesn't exist on the internet at all.

People say:

Here is a low cost game for the Genesis aimed purely at the younger players. The theme is cute, as are the characters, but 99 levels is a little much. Since the music and enemies don't change, the game becomes tiresome quickly. The bonus stages do break the monotony a bit.

Another game from Sega that is both economical and fun to play. Not for everybody but once you try it you probably will want to keep on playing. It does go overboard with 99 levels but the younger players will probably be the first to get through all of them. Not bad, but not great.

Based on the old and little seen coin-op Flicky is obviously not the most complex of games. It does however have its addicting qualifies and with 99 levels at a 1Meg prise is not too bad. Directed toward younger players Flicky is an average game for everyone in the family.

Sega 16 Bit Games Download

Flicky is a highly entertaining game for kids, but not much else. This theme was worn out after City Connection, and doesn't come alive here. The Characters are few, the music is repetitive, and the concept is old. The best part of Flicky is having 99 levels to complete.

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Overall rating: 5.5