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Pokemon Liquid Crystal (hack) Region: Johto size =6.34 MB (PS: Trading is not supported). The base rom is Fire red (E or U) U1.0. The game developer is me, Shogun. My first Assistant is Ledxil. The game was started in April 2015 with the name ' Pokemon Fire Red 493 ' as a project name code. Language: English(80%) and French(20%) Game Length: 75 hours of Scenario.

Part 1: What can I get after downloading the Pokemon Go hack?

Pokemon Go has become an extremely popular game for people of all ages. Both Android and iOS users enjoy the game and want to have access to access to more Pokemons so that they can level up.

But gives the growing number of players worldwide, and in your location, it can be challenging to catch more creatures. The augmented reality app uses your iOS’ GPS functionality.

Once you are close to a Pokemon, you get the opportunity to capture the available creature. But you may not be able to access the location where a lot of Pokemons are available. Or, maybe you fail to capture the Pokemon due to the location issue.

Pokemon Go Hack Version 2018 Download

That’s when Pokemon Go hack download iOS come into the picture. Using this hack, you can spoof or fake out your location in Pokemon Go. As a result, you trick Pokemon Go so that the game believes that you are actually playing from the spoofed location.

You can use location spoofing apps, cheats, and codes to virtually move to any desired location where you can find more creatures.

Pokemon Go Hack Version 2018 Download

In addition, you can enjoy many other benefits with Pokemon hack iOS download. Imagine you want to catch a rock and dark type Tyranitar. With the hack, you can do it easily by freely traveling the world. With this hack, you can appear in any desired Poke Gym to gain a variety of collectibles.

Pokemon go hack version 2018 download game

Pokemon Go Hack Version 2018 Download Windows 7

Another benefit of Pokemon Go hack download iPhone is that Pokemon appear in thematically appropriate locations. So if you are in a landlocked place, which is far away from large lakes or oceans, there is water Pokemons you may never locate.

The same goes for Pokemon found in particular locations. If you don’t live in those terrains, some rare Pokemons would only appear under some specific conditions.

1.1 Risk with Pokemon Hack Download iOS

Pokemon Go Hack Version 2018 Download Pc


Before you start using the Pokemon Go download iOS hack, make sure you under the risks involved and use the hack carefully.

If you abuse the hack to teleport worldwide continually, Niantic may spot you spoofing your location. Consequently, you can get banned from the game or Niantic may issue a warning.

Pokemon Go Hack Version 2018 Download

Pokemon Go Hack Version 2018 Download Windows 10

In order to enjoy Pokemon hack download iOS while minimizing the risk is that you should be realistic. For example, before switching to any other location, shut down the game and wait for hour to spoof to a new location that is few hours away by airplane or car.