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Kingroot APK for Simple Android Rooting

Kingroot application is a popular android rooting tool designed by Kingroot team. Just a single click is needed to power the rooting process for KingRoot apk. Kingroot download is compatible with any android device supported by Android 2.3 to Android 5.1. Because of the frequent updates, Android king root can even support the latest Android Lollipop without any issues.If you encounter any kind of issue download king root latest from below links, With frequent updates you will have smooth and simple rooting process. With latest versions you can easily troubleshoot/ root your android smartphone.

Download KingRoot apk version. Install Kingroot on the device. After the installation, you may see “KingRoot” icon on launch menu. Tap the icon and open the app. Tap on “Start Root” to begin android root. King Root apk start rooting and you can see the green tick on the screen after the successful rooting. KingRoot PC is a program that will let you root your Android device just by connecting it to your computer via USB. Although the program’s interface is in Chinese, you won’t have to learn the language in order to use it. The process to root your Android device with KingRootPC is very simple: enable ‘USB debug’ mode (find. For more information on downloading KingRoot to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files. Features: Root your phone with no hassle; The application chooses the best solution for you; No need to have any prior knowledge; KingRoot APK. Key features of KingRoot. The best tool to root with just a single click. A tools experience app that is an excellent Root Words alternative.

KingRoot supports better administrative privileges for the user. Hence, the user can customize android system as per requirements. Installing custom ROM, Root or unroot mobile device, installing CWM on your android device are some features of Kingroot download. Android KingRoot app boots up the system performances and you can utilize the kingroot easily as it is very user-friendly software.


Unlike other android rooting tools, KingRoot apk doesn’t cause data loss in your mobile and you don’t need the internet connection for some device such as Samsung Galaxy Grand. Now you can Download KingRoot APK and simply install it on your android smart device. Experience what is new with latest Kingroot and power of android.

KingRoot Download

  • .ZIP password 'kingroot'

Download KingRoot PC for Windows

Kingroot APK Download

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Why You Should Download Kingroot

  • It can Boots up system performances
  • One-click rooting facility
  • Auto Start manager
  • Uninstall Bloatware
  • Inform archive notifications

With Kingroot mobile, you can root your Android smartphone without using a PC. Kingroot apk identifies the connected device to PC automatically. It is pretty much simple process to root your device with king root as what you all need to do is to get kingroot download and install the app. SuperSU root access will be granted after successful rooting process. You can see SuperSU will be eventually installed on the system.

How to root any Android device with KingRoot - Rooting Tutorial

  • Go to “Settings” > “Security” > “Device Administration” > Tick “Unknown Source”.
  • Download KingRoot apk version.
  • Install Kingroot on the device.
  • After the installation, you may see “KingRoot” icon on launch menu.
  • Tap the icon and open the app.
  • Tap on “Start Root” to begin android root.
  • King Root apk start rooting and you can see the green tick on the screen after the successful rooting.
  • Restart your android device and you can see “KingUser” app on Home screen.

OneClickRoot Android Device [Without PC] - Video Tutorial

Kingroot is one of the best rooting software, allows you to root the device with one click. The rooted device creates a full privileged access (Android OS root access) for rooted device. With the frequent updates, you can download kingroot versions with some enhanced, updated features. You can go through with Complete tutorial on how to root any android smartphone with Kingroot. Always backup your device for unexpected things. Get links to direct download king root from above links.

King Root Android Rooting FAQ

  • Q: Which permissions does Kingroot download exactly need?

A: Some permissions are needed as root solution need to be run on those permissions and you can see them after installing.

  • Q: Can the rooting be processed with mobile data off while the phone has Wi-Fi?

A: No, kingroot downloads the most compatible exploit for the device, when connected to the network.

  • Q: Is kingroot PC version is better?

A: PC version does not depend on system exploit yet you can easily flash a ROM with Su binary.

  • Q: Why I cannot remove KingRoot?

A: After the device is rooted, system protection mechanism is enabled and the system cannot be mounted.

  • Q: How do I update my system if KingRoot cannot be uninstalled?

A: Force stops KingRoot apk and then clear data of the app and root mobile again. Go to General Settings > Click “Uninstall KingRoot” button. During kingroot uninstalling process uncheck “Backup Root “option when kingroot window appears.

Credits for android kingroot download and rooting guide go to KingRoot Team.

Although currently each layer of customization includes tools that have made the “root” lose its value a bit (an example may be OxygenOS that offers several tools by default), there is still a large community that their reasons to root your Android device. If you are looking to root to have more control of your device, manage layers of customization, remove bloatware and much more, we have this app for you. One of the star applications that this method offers is KingRoot, which with just a few steps, we can root our Android right away and obtain many benefits.

KingRoot: One of the favorites to root

Kingroot Pc Download Latest Version

Kingroot is an application that you can download for free that will allow you to “root” your Android device in a matter of seconds, allowing you to have total control of your Android device that will allow us to either delete factory applications, optimize the system and fully customize it.

Benefits of using KingRoot

Kingroot Latest Version

If this is your first time doing research on the subject, you must first ask yourself the important question of why root my device? And it is that mainly by being root you will be able to obtain new functions and improvements such as:

  • Save battery.
  • Remove bloatware by default.
  • Remove ads from apps or system.
  • Fully personalize your device.
  • Increase the speed of the operating system.
  • And much more with compatible modules and applications.

Possible risks of the application

It should be noted and emphasized that if you are going to root your device make sure that you know the process, since each device is completely different and everything can vary, so in case the progress fails, you will have to Have a backup to perform a factory restore.

Apart from this main problem, you have to take into account some aspects that are disadvantages:

  • You can lose the warranty of the device.
  • The device can be bricked, that is, it is totally unusable.
  • You can lose stability.

Having said that and if you are still interested, let’s move on to download the APK.

How to download KingRoot APK free for Android?

By downloading the APK file and installing the application on your Android, we can root the device in simple steps without having to connect it to the PC. The process is completely guided in which we only have to click on each step, and ending with the restart of the device. Once the device has restarted without problems, you can download the Root Checker application, a tool that will allow you to know the root status of your smartphone. Again, we recommend that you make a backup before installing in case the process has problems, and also emphasize that you have to be careful if the process stops or fails, since being the case, we recommend restoring your device from the factory.