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To install XP Mode in Windows 7 Pro, you need to also install Windows Virtual PC.

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  2. Download Windows XP Mode Final Version for Windows 7. But if you want direct download links to download standalone offline installers for all 3 components, here we are putting all of them together for your convenience: Windows Virtual PC Direct Download Links. 32-bit (x86) 64-bit (x64) Windows XP Mode Direct Download Links. Arabic; Chinese.

Given the age of Windows 7 and XP Mode, the download links in most of the online XP Mode installation guides are no longer valid.

Download the Windows Virtual PC here, being sure to select 32-bit or 64-bit as appropriate for your installation of Windows 7 Pro:

For completeness, the download for XP Mode is here (you almost certainly do NOT want the 'N' version):

Windows XP Mode (Windows Virtual PC) - X 64-bit Download - x64-bit download - freeware, shareware and software downloads.

Free download windows xp mode 64 bit

You do NOT need to keep Firefox open. In fact, unlike Internet Explorer, Firefox should just save downloaded files and not ask if you want to 'run' the files as they are downloaded. If you are not sure where Firefox saves the files it downloads, click the menu icon (the 3 horizontal bars at the top right corner of the Firefox window) and select Library > Downloads > Show Downloads Folder. This will open a Windows Explorer window showing the folder where your downloads are saved. You can now close Firefox (although leaving it open won't harm the installation).

Once you have downloaded both installation files, follow the directions here:

Note that connecting XP Mode to the Internet is just as dangerous as connect a non-virtual installation of Windows XP to the Internet. Neither will update beyond the security patches available as of April 8, 2014, Most, if not all, current antivirus programs will not run on XP.

DisplayMate runs on all 32-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista, and XP

Free Windows Xp Install

If you get the message 'The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running' then you are trying to run DisplayMate on a 64-bit version of Windows. DisplayMate normally runs on 32-bit versions of Windows but you can run it on 64-bit Windows in a number of ways...

Running DisplayMate on 64-bit Windows 7
If you don't have a 32-bit Windows system that you can use or borrow then the easiest way to run DisplayMate on 64-bit Windows 7 systems is by using XP Modewhich is a free Microsoft download for the Professional and Ultimate Editions of Windows 7. It comes pre-configured with Windows XP already installed and ready to run. If you have one of the Home Editions you will need to upgrade to the Professional or Ultimate Editions. Alternatively, you can instead use one of many other available Virtual Machine Emulatorsand install a 32-bit version of Windows 7, Vista, or XP in it.

Downloading XP Mode from the Microsoft Website:
Click the link below which has an Introduction to the XP Mode and a link to Download it from the Microsoft website.
Install and Use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

Direct Link to the Microsoft Download Center page for the XP Mode:
XP Mode Download
Click the Red Download button
Then Select WindowsXPMode_en-us.exe
Then Click the Next Button to start the download.
Run the downloaded file WindowsXPMode_en-us.exe to start the XP Mode installation.

Launching DisplayMate for the first time in XP Mode:
You can automate all of this by adding a Shortcut for DisplayMate on your Windows 7 Desktop, as described in the next section.

1.Launch XP Mode,switch it to full screen, open My Computer, and then insert the DisplayMate USB Drive and note what device it is, most likely E. If Windows 7 AutoPlay launches, ignore and close it. To hide the XP Mode toolbar at the top of the screen click the pin icon once. To make it reappear move your mouse to the very top of the screen.

2.First time only:the USB Drive needs to be mapped from a virtual Network Drive to a device Drive letter. Open Map Network Drive in My Computer Tools, enter Drive E and Folder tsclientE (or whatever letter you noted in step 1, or choose Browse Microsoft Terminal Services). Check Reconnect at logon and you won't need to do this again. If you might be using more than one USB drive at a time or will Disable XP Mode Integration Features (below) then do the same for F and G now even though nothing may be currently attached there.


3.Launching DisplayMate:in either My Computer or Windows Explorer double click the icon with the Drive letter DisplayMate is on like E: (not the E Network Drive) and DisplayMate will launch and run exactly as in 32-bit systems. If Integration Features are Disabled (below) then DisplayMate will instead launch automatically.

4.When you are done,Safely Remove the DisplayMate USB Drive from Windows 7 in the usual way. If you have Disabled Integration Features (below) then Safely Remove it from XP Mode in the usual way. Note this step is not always necessary but a good idea unless you are sure that it isn't.

Additional Functions and Tweaks

Adding a Shortcut to launch DisplayMate directly from the Windows 7 Desktop:
This will automate all of the above steps except the final Safely Remove step. Right click the XP Mode Start button, select Explore All Users, then Programs. Create a shortcut for DisplayMate by right clicking a blank area and selecting New then Shortcut. Click Browse, then My Computer then Drive E: (or whatever drive letter DisplayMate is on), then DM_FILES.USB, then DMW_USB.EXE and OK. Then hit Next, enter a descriptive name like DisplayMate USB and Finish. Shut down XP Mode, click the Windows 7 Start button, then All Programs, Windows Virtual PC, Windows XP Mode Applications, then drag the DisplayMate shortcut to the Desktop. You can now launch DisplayMate from the Windows 7 Desktop - make sure that the USB Drive is plugged in. Sometimes XP Mode fails with an error on the first try, simply do it second time after a few second pause.

Win 7 xp mode download 64 bit

Switching to 24-bit color:
XP Mode defaults to 16-bit color, which is satisfactory in many cases. To switch to 24-bit color, close DisplayMate and its Explorer Window, exit full screen using the XP Mode toolbar. From the XP Mode Menu select Tools and Disable Integration Features. Then open the Control Panel, select Display, then Settings, then 32-bit Color Quality and OK - Windows will remember this setting whenever Integration is Disabled. From the XP Mode Menu select USB and click Attach USB Mass Storage Device. DisplayMate should automatically launch - if not, then manually launch it from My Computer or Windows Explorer. Information on permanently setting the default color depth to 32-bits is available on the web.

Download Windows Xp Mode 64 Bit

Circles are oval instead of round:
XP Mode has set the display driver Screen Aspect Ratio to 4:3 instead of your actual screen size. DisplayMate has a Square Pixels option that corrects this by ignoring the Windows supplied value. To implement this add 'S' to the DisplayMate command line 'DMW_USB.EXE S' on any Windows Shortcut that launches DisplayMate. If you don't know how to modify or create a Windows Shortcut see below. The Multimedia Editions can also do this from the Special Options Menu.

Full Screen is reduced by 2 Lines:
In some cases XP Mode reduces the maximum usable screen area by 2 lines - the lines are still there but Windows won't allow DisplayMate to use them. In most cases 2 less visible lines is not significant. To regain those 2 lines launch DisplayMate from the Windows 7 Desktop.

Auto Launching DisplayMate when Integration Features are Disabled:
In XP Mode if Integration Features are Disabled then DisplayMate will launch automatically when you Attach the USB Drive to XP Mode as described above.

You get 'This is an Invalid Copy of DisplayMate' Message:
On some systems and versions of DisplayMate you may get this message. To correct it Disable Integration Features as described above.

How to create a Shortcut for DisplayMate:
To create a Windows Shortcut in any Folder or on the Windows Desktop right click on a blank area and select New then Shortcut. Click Browse, then My Computer and locate the DisplayMate USB Drive E: (or whatever drive letter DisplayMate is on), then DM_FILES.USB, then DMW_USB.EXE and OK. Then hit Next, enter a descriptive name like DisplayMate USB and Finish.