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  1. Download Windows 10 ISO 1803 (32-bit / 64-bit) Update April 2018. If Windows Update 10 April 2018 has not appeared on your Windows Update page, you can immediately install the update by booting through the extracted ISO to flash or other installation media using Media Creation Tool from Microsoft. Windows 10 Pro X64 Iso Download Windows 7.
  2. Jun 23, 2020 Windows 10 1809 OctV2 - 64 bit - SPANISH ISO Download File Size: 5138.56 MB ( bytes) Click on the links below to download Genera. Download Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC 32 Bit & 64 Bit ISO EN By Tolga Bagci July 23, 2020 Windows 3 Comments Win 10 1809 version became available to users after October 2, 2018.
  3. Windows 10 (64-bit) Version 1803 (Redstone 4) Item Preview win10.png. Remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. The Windows 10 April 2018 Update. ISO IMAGE download. Download 1 file. ITEM TILE download. Download 1 file.

Before deployment, run through the Compatibility Check available under the Important Notes section to find if you meet all the minimum requirements that impact upgradeability.

If you're using PMP Build version 100324 and above, you needn't follow the manual steps to download and deploy. This process is fully automated now. The patches will automatically be downloaded and deployed.

Follow the steps given below only if you're using either of the following:

3:37youtube.comHow To Download & Install Windows 10 October 2018 Update 1809

  • Windows 10 Enterprise Edition
  • PMP Build version 100323 and below

As you know, Microsoft's Windows 10 version updates are released as feature packs. Deploying few feature packs are tricky as dependency files (ISO files) are required. For successful deployment, we recommend downloading the respective dependency file (ISO file) from the vendor's site and place it in our Patch store prior deployment.
This document will provide you with the steps to manage Windows 10 version 1809 October 2018 update using Patch Manager Plus.


Note: You can deploy Windows 10 feature packs with Patch Manager Plus only if you are using build version 10.0.147 or above.

Jun 23, 2020 Windows 10 1809 OctV2 - 64 bit - SPANISH ISO Download File Size: 5138.56 MB ( bytes) Click on the links below to download Genera. Download Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC 32 Bit & 64 Bit ISO EN By Tolga Bagci July 23, 2020 Windows 3 Comments Win 10 1809 version became available to users after October 2, 2018. Download Windows 10. Check a few things on the PC where you want to install Windows 10: 64-bit or 32-bit processor (CPU). You’ll create either a 64-bit.

To deploy Windows 10 feature packs, follow the below steps.

  1. Add the dependency patch (ISO file) to the Patch store.
  2. Deploy the feature pack as configuration.

To add ISO file to the patch store

Follow the steps given below to add the respective ISO file to the patch store:

  1. Download Windows 10 ISO file from Volume Licensing Service Center or from here.
  2. Rename 32 bit ISO file as 106048-Win10_1809_enx32 (Ensure the file is saved with extension .iso).
  3. Rename 64 bit ISO file as 106050-Win10_1809_enx64 (Ensure the file is saved with extension .iso).
  4. Patch Manager Plus supports the deployment of feature packs for multiple languages. Click here to view the ISO setup file for the language of your choice.
  5. Navigate to patch store location: Log in to the Patch Manager Plus console->Admin-> Patch Settings -> Cleanup Settings and copy the downloaded iso file manually into the store directory and rename the files accordingly.

Note - To deploy Win 10 feature packs in more than one language, check the respective ISO files for each language, download and place them in the patch store.
In order to identify the ISO files required (for different languages) for your machines, navigate to Patch Management -> Downloaded Patches. Apply a filter for Download failed patches view. In this view, you can find all the languages for which ISO files have to be downloaded. Refer to the screenshot below for better understanding.

To find patch store location: Navigate to Patch Management -> Downloaded Patches -> Settings.

To deploy the feature pack

  1. Create a configuration
    • After following the above steps, you can create a configuration from the missing patches (Patch ID: 106049 and 106051 for 32 and 64-bit respectively) and deploy it.
    • If the configuration that you created before following the above steps failed, make sure to repeat the same and redeploy the configuration.
  2. Automated Patch Deployment(APD):
    • To create an APD task for deploying feature packs, make sure to select the feature pack check box while defining the patch task.
    • Once the dependency patch is downloaded and stored in the Patch Store, 'Feature Packs' will be successfully deployed to the target computers during the subsequent deployment window. A separate configuration can be created for the particular patch on demand.

Are you facing issues while installing or upgrading to Windows 10? Refer knowledge base for resolution.

You will need to rename the ISO file name based on the language you are going to deploy. Please refer the table given below for language wise ISO file name.

LanguageOther EditionsEnterprise Edition
English32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_enx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_enx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_en_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_en_enterprisex64.iso
Spanish32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Spx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Spx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Sp_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Sp_enterprisex64.iso
Arabic32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Arx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Arx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Ar_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Ar_enterprisex64.iso
Chinese (Simplified)32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_csx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_csx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_cs_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_cs_enterprisex64.iso
Chinese (Traditional)32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_ctx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_ctx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_ct_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_ct_enterprisex64.iso
Czech32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Czx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Czx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Cz_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Cz_enterprisex64.iso
Danish32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Dax32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Dax64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Da_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Da_enterprisex64.iso
Dutch32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Dux32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Dux64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Du_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Du_enterprisex64.iso
Finnish32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Fix32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Fix64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Fi_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Fi_enterprisex64.iso
French32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Frx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Frx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Fr_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Fr_enterprisex64.iso
German32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Gex32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Gex64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Ge_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Ge_enterprisex64.iso
Greek32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Grx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Grx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Gr_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Gr_enterprisex64.iso
Hebrew32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Hbx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Hbx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Hb_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Hb_enterprisex64.iso
Hungarian32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Hnx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Hnx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Hn_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Hn_enterprisex64.iso
Italian32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Itx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Itx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_It_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_It_enterprisex64.iso
Japanese32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Jpx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Jpx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Jp_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Jp_enterprisex64.iso
Japanese (NEC)32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Jpnx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Jpnx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Jpn_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Jpn_enterprisex64.iso
Korean32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Kox32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Kox64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Ko_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Ko_enterprisex64.iso
Norwegian32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Nrx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Nrx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Nr_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Nr_enterprisex64.iso
Polish32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Pox32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Pox64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Po_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Po_enterprisex64.iso
Portuguese (Brazil)32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Pbx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Pbx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Pb_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Pb_enterprisex64.iso
Portuguese (Portugal)32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Ppx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Ppx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Pp_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Pp_enterprisex64.iso
Russian32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Rux32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Rux64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Ru_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Ru_enterprisex64.iso
Swedish32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_sdx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Sdx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Sd_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Sd_enterprisex64.iso
Turkish32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Tkx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Tkx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Tk_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Tk_enterprisex64.iso
Thai32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Thx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Thx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Th_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Th_enterprisex64.iso
Slovenian32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Slx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Slx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Sl_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Sl_enterprisex64.iso
Croatian32-Bit: 106048-Win10_1809_Crx32.iso
64-Bit: 106050-Win10_1809_Crx64.iso
32-Bit: 106459-Win10_1809_Cr_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106458-Win10_1809_Cr_enterprisex64.iso

Refer the following knowledge base for information on

Windows 10 version 1909.

Windows 10 version 1903.

Windows 10 version 1803.

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