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WIndows Server 2019 Standard OEM license for my 48 cores server: Which part numbers to purchase. Windows server 2012 RAID 1 array migrated windows 2019. Windows 2008R2 to Windows 2019 upgrade access issue. What Different with Window Server 2019 and Window Server 1903? At least in my case, that version (the 32 bit version) of the cpl did contain the Access (2003 in my case) ODBC driver. The 64 bit DLLs etc are in c: windows system32. The 32 bit subsystem (so you can still run 32 bit apps on 64 bit Windows 7) is in c: windows sysWOW64. I mean, that's very intuitive - right? Download and Install the ODBC Driver. Go to the Exasol Downloads page and from Download ODBC Driver section, download the ODBC Driver according to your OS (32-bit or 64-bit). For example, for Windows, select EXASOLODBC-x86.msi or EXASOLODBC-x8664.msi. Run the executable file downloaded. Follow the setup wizard to complete.

The system requirements for installation provide the minimum operating system and disk space needed to successfully install the driver. After you've installed the driver, you can select the specific application software you want to use to access Visual FoxPro data.

Installation Requirements

For installation requirements and other information, see the Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver download site.

Downloads; Training; Support. Visual Fox Pro ODBC setup on Win7 32 bit. Hi, You may need to install the Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver. Microsoft Visual FoxPro is a powerful object-oriented environment for database construction and application development. The Microsoft Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver enables applications to open, query, and update data in Visual FoxPro and earlier versions of FoxPro through the Open Database Connectivity. Sep 20, 2016 Could you please provide a bit more. # Using the VFP FoxPro ODBC Driver with Your Visual Basic. Of the download page says, too. That's not a FoxPro.


Accessing Visual FoxPro Data

To access Microsoft Visual FoxPro or FoxPro 2.x data, you must have the following:

  • ODBC Client Software (automatically installed with the driver)

  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver

  • Any of the following types of application software:

    • Microsoft Office application such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word

    • C or C++ language ODBC application

    • Microsoft Visual Basic ODBC application

  • Any of the following types of data:

    • Visual FoxPro database or a directory of free tables

    • FoxPro 2.0, 2.5, 2.6 table

The Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver supports double-byte character sets (DBCS). For more information, see International Support.


The driver does not support 16-bit Microsoft Windows 3.1 applications.

I just upgraded from windows 7 64 to Windows 10 64. Now I am having problems with the Visual FoxPro driver. I am using the 32-bit ODBC manager (C:WindowsSysWOW64odbcad32.exe). When I try to add or edit a Visual fox pro source I get the following error:

I checked for C:Windowssystem32vfpodbc.dll and it does exist. Why am I getting this error and how do I correct it?

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2 Answers

Download Microsoft Excel Odbc Driver For Windows 10 64 Bit 32 Bit

To check :

  • Verify the registry atHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREODBCODBCINST.INI, subkey of yourdriver, if the listed files do exist.
    For a 32-bit program the folder C:WindowsSystem32is inaccessible and is automatically substituted to C:WindowsSysWOW64.So a path to System32 should be replaced with SysWOW64.
  • You should have installed the FoxPro 9.0 Service Pack 2.0and the Hotfixes (actually only the third one in the list)
  • You may need to download and install the MSXML 4.0 Core package

The problem could also be an incompatibility with Internet Explorer 11 or Spartan.
Have you been using IE11 when you were still on Windows 7?


If no solution is found, there is always the option of downgrading back to Windows 7.


Excel 2013 Odbc Driver Download

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In case everything else fails, like it just happened to me today, try installing VFP 9 Service Pack 2 Runtime, available at and

Mcafee For Windows 10

The reasoning is that this installer includes both VFPOLEB and VFPODBC drivers, and it successfully installed on a Windows 7 machine where all the other standalone installers failed.

Older VFPODBC.MSI is available at

Visual Foxpro Odbc Driver Download 64 Bit

Download Microsoft Excel Odbc Driver For Windows 10 64 Bit Download For Pc Full Version

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