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February 24, 2012

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Autodesk Design Review 12.0. Autodesk Design Review 11.0. This tool helps you to accelerate your design reviews on your desktop. You can use intuitive tools to measure, mark up, and review 2D and 3D designs on the desktop. Also you can add comments, information, and suggestions for design changes to 2D and 3D files. Editorial review. Proceed to the Design Review download page, choose your language and download. Run the installer and the additional files and modules will download and install automatically. Run ADR 2013 and open and view your 3D DWFx files either in the app or a supported browser platform. At the time of writing there is no newer version of ADR than the 2013.

Release Notes - Read Me file
Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk has released Autodesk Inventor 2013. This readme highlights significant known issues with the release and provides information that is useful while installing and using Inventor.


    • Please update your operating system before you install Autodesk Inventor 2013. Reboot your system after all security updates, and so on, are installed.
    • .NET 4.0 is required for the installation of Inventor 2013. Before you start to install Inventor, verify that .NET 4.0 is installed. If it is not installed, use the installer located on the source media under '…3rdPartyNET4wcudotNetFrameworkdotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe'.
    • Since Autodesk Inventor 2013 and its Autodesk Add-Ins are all built with .NET 4.0, we recommend that you test your non-Autodesk add-ins for compatibility with this release.
    • On Windows 7 64-bit systems, please verify that you have the Microsoft fix for user mode callback exceptions KB976038. This fix ensures that Autodesk receives the correct data from Inventor error reports. For more information, and access to this and related Microsoft downloads, refer to Autodesk Technical Solution 15492718.
    • Close all Autodesk applications before you install, maintain, or uninstall the software.
    • If you cannot select some products to install, pause the cursor over the red 'prohibited' circle in front of the product to get more information.
    • After you finish a silent deployment installation, reboot the computer before you launch the product. If the version of MSI in your operating system is lower than 4.0, the operating system reboots automatically after the silent deployment install finishes.
    • If you download the source files to a local folder with a name that contains non-English characters, ensure that the language in Regional Settings is consistent with the language name of the local folder.
    • If you install Autodesk Design Review 2013, it automatically uninstalls your installed Autodesk Design Review 2012.
    • When you modify a deployment on Windows XP operating systems, please make sure the version of MSI is higher than 4.0 or installation errors will be encountered.
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable SP1 (version 10.0.40219) is installed with Autodesk Inventor 2013. As a result, you cannot install Autodesk Design Review 2012 afterwards due to a dependency on Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 RTM (version 10.0.30319). To install Autodesk Design Review 2012 after installing Inventor 2013, manually uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (version 10.0.40219) and any related updates, and reboot before you install Autodesk Design Review 2012. You can reapply Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1, if necessary, after all Autodesk installations are completed.
    • In Windows 7 environments with UAC on, and with Autodesk Inventor 2011 pre-installed, after you install or uninstall Inventor 2013, Inventor 2011 sometimes does not work correctly. To correct this issue, turn off UAC and run the following two commands:
    • '[Inventor 2011 install path]BinInventor.exe' /uninstall.
    • '[Inventor 2011 install path]BinInventor.exe' /install

Installation Requirements

  • Inventor 2013 supports Windows XP 32bit SP3, Windows XP 64bit SP2, Windows 7 32bit and Windows 7 64bit. If the operating system does not meet these requirements, please update it before attempting an installation.
  • Verify that you have administrator privilege on your local machine to install Autodesk Inventor 2013.
  • Installing on virtual machines is not supported.
  • Some of the multimedia learning solutions require Flash Player 10 (or higher). Download from the Adobe Flash Player Web site.
  • Adobe Reader is required to read documentation provided in PDF format. Download from
  • Verify that you have 10 GB of free hard disk space or more for the self-extracting executable files.
  • If you plan to install both Autodesk Inventor 2012 and Autodesk Inventor 2013 on the same system, we recommend that you install Autodesk Inventor 2012 (and any other Autodesk 2012 products) first.

    Disk Requirements - Autodesk Inventor 2013

      Includes Inventor disk requirements and Inventor prerequisites disk requirements.

      SystemActual Disk Required
      Windows 32 bitTotal-4.8 GBSystem drive (required) – 2.8 GB
      Windows 64 bitTotal-6.4 GBSystem drive (required) – 3.9 GB

      Desktop Content LibraryActual Disk Required
      ANSI1,426 MB
      DIN 378 MB
      GOST947 MB
      ISO268 MB
      JIS & GB658 MB
      Feature3.4 MB
      Other1,858 MB
      Parker50 MB
      Routed Systems6.5 MB
      Sheet Metal45 MB
      Mold Metric59 MB

    Before you begin...

    1. If Autodesk Inventor 2013 Beta 1, Beta 2 or Beta 3 have been installed, ensure that they are uninstalled using the Quick Uninstall Tool for Autodesk Inventor 2013 under Start Menu > All Programs > Autodesk > Autodesk Inventor 2013.
    2. Install Microsoft .NET 4.0.
    3. Install all Windows Updates that are pending on your machine and reboot:
        • Windows XP: Use the Windows Update utility located in the Control Panel.

          Windows 7: Windows Update is located in the Control Panel, and on the sidebar.

      It is sometimes necessary to perform Windows Update multiple times to completely update your operating system.

    4. Verify that enough disk space is available on your machine to install Autodesk Inventor 2013.
    5. Ensure that you installed all of the Autodesk 2012 products you plan to use with Autodesk Inventor 2013.

    To install Autodesk Inventor 2013:

      1. Based on the bit type of your operating system, download the appropriate installation files to a temporary location on your system or select the appropriate DVD.
      2. To access the Installer Double-click the self-extracting installation executable file or insert the DVD into your systems drive.
          • Temporary extraction is to your temp folder. Operating System errors, regarding very long path names, can occur if this temporary location is nested too many levels deep. It is recommended that the extraction destination folder path be less than 90 characters long and that you use the default destination folder as the self-extraction destination folder name.

      3. After the files are extracted, or the DVD inserted, the Inventor installer launches automatically. If it does not launch, browse to the temp folder or DVD and double-click setup.exe.
      4. In the Install > Configure Installation dialog box, click the expandable arrow to set preferences.
          • Important: If you are switching languages or adding a Language Pack, ensure you browse to it and set that option before setting any other preferences since changing a Language Pack will reset some of the installation preferences to their default values.

      5. After configuration, confirm all your preferences are set as required and begin the installation.
      6. When the installation is done, click Finish.
      7. If required, reboot the system after the installation is finished.

      For more detailed instructions, please refer to the installation instructions provided with your delivered media containing Autodesk Inventor 2013.

      Once completed, you can verify the installation was successful by starting Autodesk Inventor. On the Help menu, select About Inventor. If the About box displays: Build: 138, Release: 2013, the installation was successful.

    To uninstall Autodesk Inventor 2013:

      Use the Quick Uninstall Tool for Autodesk Inventor 2013, available on the Programs menu at Autodesk > Quick Uninstall Tool. Then check in the Control Panel to ensure that all Autodesk Inventor 2013 components are removed.

General Notes

  • We recommend that you use a certified graphics card. See the Autodesk Inventor 2013 Releasecards and drivers. The certified graphics cards and drivers are also applicable to Inventor 2013.
  • If you installed Inventor 2013 on Windows 7, and you want User Account Control (UAC) enabled, right-click the Inventor icon then select 'Run as Administrator' to start Inventor after installation and ensure that all necessary subcomponents are registered correctly.
  • If you installed Autodesk Inventor 2010 and 2013, Autodesk Inventor 2011 and 2013 or 2010, 2011 and 2013 on Windows 7, and want to switch between versions, use 'Run as Administrator' if User Account Control (UAC) is enabled, or if your current user is not within an Administrator group.
  • Inventor uses TrueType and OpenType fonts, and does not support other fonts.
  • For the document window title, Inventor 2013 follows the setting 'Hide Extension for known file types' in Windows Explorer, like Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • When working with very large assemblies on a 64-bit system, up to an additional 20 GB or more of temporary free space is required for Inventor at run time, depending on the size of the assemblies. At a minimum, we recommend 2 GB. For 32-bit systems, this requirement is 1 GB.
  • Inventor now loads add-ins as needed instead of loading them all at start-up. The Add-In Manager displays if an add-in loads automatically, and whether the add-in is loaded or not. If the add-in is not loaded Inventor lists the document type that causes the add-in to load.
  • Inventor no longer loads VBA automatically when starting. Instead VBA loads on demand (when a document with VBA loads, or you open the VBA Editor.) If you are a regular VBA user, turn on the new “Load VBA on start-up” option in the Application Options, General tab.
  • The Help installed with Autodesk Inventor 2013 is a subset of the full Help. The subset includes Interactive Tutorials and Overviews, and Tooltips/Toolclips.
  • If you previously installed an Inventor Beta release, right-click the ribbon, and select Ribbon Appearance > Reset Ribbon, so that you can see all of the controls in the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • On the Application Options, Hardware tab, when you select Compatibility, limited functionality sometimes occurs, including missing thumbnails in Appearance and Material editors, on the View tab Texture On/Off does not function, and so on.

      Direct Translators Supported File Versions

        Aliasv10 or later
        CATIA V4All Revisions
        CATIA V5R6-R21R10-R20
        Creo Parametric1.0
        IGESAll Revisions5.3
        JT7.0; 8.0; 8.1; 8.2; 9.0; 9.1; 9.2; 9.3; 9.4; 9.57.0; 8.0; 8.1; 8.2; 9.0; 9.1; 9.2; 9.3; 9.4; 9.5
        ParasolidUp to 24.09.0-24.0
        Pro/ENGINEERUp to Wildfire 5.0
        Pro/ENGINEER GraniteUp to 7.01.0-7.0
        Pro/ENGINEER NeutralN/AN/A
        RhinoUp to 5.0
        SATUp to 7.07.0
        STEPAP214, AP203E2AP214, AP203E2

Autodesk Design Review 2013 64 Bit Download 2015

    Abbreviations used:

    • CER refers to a Customer Error Report.
    • NG refers to an item reported on the Autodesk Newsgroups.

    Autodesk Inventor Professional 2013

    Stress Analysis

    • For some offset shells, a boundary condition is not added on a split face.
    • The override material becomes comatose when you switch the active material library to another one that does not have this material.
    • The update icon incorrectly displays for the shells folder after you enter the Stress Analysis environment with geometry changes.
    • Generating a midsurface within the Stress Analysis environment sometimes breaks an iAssembly in modeling.
    • The override material drop-down list does not update if you switch the active material library during the assignment of a material.


    • Runner Balance Analysis in Autodesk Inventor 2013 requires an installed and licensed version of either Moldflow Adviser 2013 or Moldflow Insight 2013 and is not enabled in earlier versions of Moldflow Adviser or Moldflow Insight.

    Assembly Modeling

    • Constraint failures occur during a Local Update after a LOD activation.
    • The extensions drop-down is missing when a Save Copy As operation is attempted on a Content Center part.

Autodesk Design Review 2013 64 Bit Download Windows

    Consistent Materials

    • The material and appearance Quick Access Toolbars are not updated if you add or remove libraries from the project.
    • Materials and appearances are lost from the Quick Access Toolbar after the Ribbon is reset.
    • When you open and migrate legacy models, minor discrepancies in the appearance of the model (such as color, reflectivity, shininess, transparency, texture) sometimes occur because of the conversion from color style to material appearance.

    Enhanced Visualization

    • A thread assigned with a textured appearance does not show correctly when the appearance texture map is adjusted.


    • Inventor hangs when you open Inventor files from the Shell command line as the initial start-up after installation.

    Frame Generator

    • Unexpected results of end treatments are seen on a curved member inserted with a large offset value.

    Help and Learning Solutions

    • Any reference to “Creo Parametric” or “Creo parametric” refers to the product name and does not imply parametric, feature, or associative import.


    • A crash occurs when you update emboss text using iLogic rules.

    Language Switching

    • Some dialog boxes (such as the Macro dialog box) do not support Unicode. To avoid the resulting display of junk characters when the code contains characters outside the system code page, change the system locale to match the language.
    • The Mold Design add-in partly supports Unicode. When the installation of Inventor with a multi-byte language runs on a single-byte language operating system, a “Cannot open Moldflow project” error displays when you run an analysis for the Gate Location command unless you change the system locale and format to match the language.
    • The Eco Materials Adviser and ESKD do not support language switching because Eco Material Adviser is English only and EDSK is for Russian installations.
    • Some Inventor dialog boxes, that are MFC or system message boxes, display partly or entirely in the language of the operating system.
    • Inventor templates do not support language switching. Inventor has only one copy of the templates which is from the installation media, not from the Language Pack. If you run Inventor with a Language Pack, Style Conflict warning dialog boxes display when you create a DWG file. You can save the newly created DWG files to overwrite default DWG templates.

    Part Modeling

    • CER: Inventor crashes if you break the link for a picture inserted into a sketch.
    • A crash may occur when a Stitch feature fails and you select Edit or Cancel in the error dialog box.

Autodesk Design Review 2013 64 Bit Download 2016 Free


    • If you trim an equation curve using a trim line that is coincident to the curve, duplicate points are sometimes created at the trim location. These duplicate points cause problems with feature commands such as Extrude and Sweep. To resolve the duplicate points, use Sketch Doctor to combine duplicate points, delete and then recreate the trim line after trimming, or use a trim line that intersects, but is not coincident to the equation curve.
    • You cannot reliably trim a 3D equation curve with a curve that has an end that is coincident to the equation curve.
    • While trimming a dimensioned equation curve, if you select the escape button or Cancel on an error dialog box, a crash occurs.
    • A crash sometimes occurs when you trim a closed equation curve or its offset curve.


    • When you import a Creo Parametric 1.0 assembly into Inventor, the assembly instance color is lost.
    • In the Appearance Browser, the preview images for some appearances with RGB values that are not true do not export correctly to non-Inventor files, but appearances with the correct RGB values and no preview image export correctly.
    • When Inventor files are published to the DWG file format, the texture is lost and the part displays in the default appearance.

Legal Notice

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    All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Autodesk Design Review 2013 64 Bit Download

    We thank all of our customers who identify issues and report them to us. These reports give us the opportunity to improve the product and provide you with the best solution in mechanical design. We also thank you for your continued business and for the feedback regarding the content of this release.


    Autodesk Inventor Product Team

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